Commentary: The societal hopes his company expressed during the Super Bowl have faded. Now, John Legere is back to slamming the competition.

I wanted to believe in a hopeful new world..

The one T-Mobile presented during the Super Bowl, that is…./…

There, the company ran anĀ ad expressing hope we can change. The company wants babies born today to grow up in a world without prejudice, one in which we are all equal and can love who we want to love.

That was Sunday, a holy day. Super Bowl Sunday, America’s holiest day of all.

Two days later, T-Mobile CEO John Legere was feeling less generous and positive. He poured scorn on Verizon.

In a tweet, Legere espied an article about the discovery of spiders with tails. (You can see my colleague Amanda Kooser’s story about the findĀ here.)

This, quite naturally, led him to thinking about Verizon and its bills.


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