Gird your loins folks, everyone’s favourite Drogo could be making a reappearance in the next and final series of Game of Thrones.

Despite the character (spoiler alert!) dying, then being resurrected, then dying again in the first series, there are a few fan theories and plenty of speculation kicking about that has got the rumour mill swinging like a bored married couple in the 1970s.

So how can killer Khal make another appearance in the saga after dying twice? ‘Cos this is television! And furthermore it’s fantasy television, and everyone’s fantasy is for Khal Drogo to return to their screens.

Also, it could totally happen within Game of Thrones‘ realm of possibility, not least because he’s already been brought back once before.

Premtimi i çmendur i Elizabeth Warren – “Po u zgjodha Presidente, do të shkatërroj Amazon, Google dhe Facebook” on Vidnews.

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